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The Brand

Dreaming with Dej is more than a shop, it's a vision

Hi Dreamers, my name is Deja and I am a local calligrapher based in Pittsburgh, PA & at times Northern Chicgagoland Area of Illinois. ​I began my hand lettering journey at a pretty early age when I fell in love with crafting and the beauty of writing. Though I've always loved the beauty of calligraphy, I did not start to actually practice it or learn more about hand lettering until my sophomore year of college in 2016. From there, I began to bullet journal, letter on every item I could, craft, and find outlets to release my creative need.

Here's a little moment of transparency for you, for a while, I struggled with finding my God-Given Purpose. I prayed and questioned what it was, and the scripture Proverbs 13:12 came to me. I am on a continuous path to live out my dream, find my purpose, and its only right to bring those around me along this journey! And in that moment, Dreamin with Dej was born. 

Dreamin With Dej is designed to do two things; empower and inspire by providing items geared towards dreams, goals, positivity, and finding growth within purpose. These items can be a sign to hang on your wall with a quote, a cup engraved with something meaningful, or a gift that is purposeful. I love what I do, putting a smile on someones face through the gift of giving is my passion and what drives me. And Dreamin with Dej is here to help you do the same for yourself, or for someone else!  

Check out my Etsy site for custom engraved tumblers and other items. For inquires on personalized gifts, home signs, or services please fill out a form and I look forward to creating with you. 


Word of Mouth

“This gift meant so much to me”

- Alexa - 

“Thank you Dreamin With Dej for an amazing Mothers Day gift for my mom. She loves it.”

- Kenyatta - 

“... Needless to say my clients and team LOVED them and were shocked when I said they were handmade”

- Sandra Renee Event and Wedding Planning - 

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